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Rent a boat

Experience our beautiful nature from the water!

Rent a boat or a canoe and enjoy the tranquility - with or without a fishing rod in your hand.  We offer boats in both Skärsjön and Humsjön. It is also possible to rent life jackets in different sizes.


Fishing in 11 lakes

Both Skärsjön and Humsjön have a big fish diversity and are part of the fishing association of central Halland. You will find pike, perch, eel, bream, tench, roach etc. Skärsjön is a deep lake with clear water. Here you will catch the big pikes. Humsjön is a shallow lake with big reed areas and is a paradise for birds and fish. You can buy your fishing permission, which is valid in 11 lakes within the fishing district, directly in Skärbäck.



Starting directly from the cottages you will find several marked hiking trails which leed you into the fantastic nature of our beech forests. In spring, when the beech trees are in full bloom, thousands of birds make the forest sing. In autumn, when the ground fog disappears after a clear night, the red golden gleam of the leaves is unbeatable.

There are 10 hiking trails with variable length and difficulty, some are even possible with baby buggy.

We can also organize guided tours and tell you the history of "Bexell´s talking stones" or about the finding of the Bocksten man, a well preserved bog man.


Mountain biking

In the forests around Skärbäck there are lots of trails ideal for biking. The hilly terrain has both demanding uphills and crazy downhills on gravel roads, trails and single trails. The perfect place for a training camp before the 100 km distance MTB race "Bockstensturen" which takes place once a year exactly in this area! Of course the surroundings are also perfect for orienteering and trail running.

We offer tours with experienced runners and mountain bikers for all levels. Feel free to ask.


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