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The picturesque town Varberg with its medieval fortress, lively town center and rich spa culture is situated within 20 kilometers distance from Skärbäck. In the fortress you can visit the “Bocksten man”, the remains of one of the best preserved bodies from the medieval times. The body was found in a bog close to Skärbäck.



There are four different golf courses within 20 kilometers distance. Varberg East and Varberg West, Hofgården in Rolfstorp and Harabäcken in Gödestad.



Varberg is well known for its typical west coast sandy beaches. Only about 15 minutes drive from Skärbäck you will find Björkäng beach. The beaches of Varberg, particularly the beach of Apelviken, offer the best surfing in northern Europe.


Gekås Ullared

Gekås Ullared is the biggest shopping center in Scandinavia. Take the chance to visit this unique store while you are staying at Skärbäck Farm.


Bexell´s talking stones

In the forests around Skärbäck Farm you will find Bexell´s talking stones. These are a unique cultural heritage in Åkulla Beech Forests. At the end of the 19th century the member of Parliament and landowner Alfred Bexell had sayings and quotes carved on rocks and flat stones. So far, 160 sentences and 560 names have been found, but a number still remain to be discovered…


Grimeton Radio Station

Visit this UNESCO world heritage site which is a well preserved transatlantic radio waves transmitter from the beginning of the 20th century (15 km from Skärbäck). 

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