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Welcome to Skärbäck Farm
between two Lakes!


Fishing and hiking in fabulous beech forests, cultivated landscape with meadows and pastures, rich bird life, swimming and boating
– All that close to Varberg and
the sea


Skärbäck Farm is wonderfully situated between the two lakes Humsjön and Skärsjön in the district of Varberg, Halland. The place is called by many “the pearl” within the nature reserve “Åkulla Beech Forests”. The cottages are located 200m from the farm with a stunning view over lake Humsjön and with the beech forests at the back of the house. This is the perfect place for fishing, hiking or cycling. Or why not just relax and enjoy pure silence!


The hiking trails in the area vary in distance and difficulty.


The lakes are ideal for fishing and we have boats for rent in both lakes.

Skärsjön, the clear lake, invites to a refreshing bath or a swim.

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